Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Hiatus, sort of

Hey, sorry I haven't been able to post for awhile, but as it has been summer, I'm getting fewer babysitting jobs. This makes all sorts of sense, because one of the mothers I baby sit for is a teacher, and therefor, can be with her kids more during the summer, and the other family is home schooled, and now it is the summer, and the kids can go over to friends houses more giving their mom a break.

Sadly, this leaves me noting to do, and no source of cash, which explains why I've spent my summer watching The Price is Right and googling myself. This makes things even worse, because I have an extremely generic name, and haven't done much.

Apparently, I share my name with a marine biologist, an actress, and a character from Buffy the Vampire slayer and Angel, all of whom have done many more interesting things than I have. The only way I can find myself in the mass is to type in the name of my hometown along with my name. Even then, the only things I find are a few random letters to my local paper, and a club I was in in 8th grade.

What did I learn from this? Apparently, I have a really good porn star name.


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Liz said...

(Hey, I checked my email, for once!)

You should know better than to google yourself. Ha, I'm lucky, nothing at all turns up for me, except for the alternate spelling.

...kind of depressing, actually.